About Us

Management Team

CrownWorld Capital has a seasoned management team that leverages their earlier careers from Real Estate development, appraising, banking, business leading and seasoned investing.

The principals have 30+ years of collective experience building relationships with people nationwide. Their experience includes executive positions at financial institutions, real estate development, corporations and residential and commercial investing.

  • CW Cap provides commercial real estate financing for borrowers in unique and time-sensitive situations – anywhere in the United States.
  • CW Cap acquisitions commercial property.
  • We focus on customized solutions that are not accessible through traditional lenders.
  • Our culture is centered on teamwork. We share our broad experience to benefit our clients and partners.

Were creative. We prefer to profit through common sense investment, not making the last dollar on each deal. In fact, we often give borrowers buyback incentives. We know that our investment money is more useful in getting great deals closed.

Benefits for Investors. CW Cap is dedicated to creating wealth for our investors through opportunistic investment in commercial real estate that has solid potential for high ROI.  We’re committed to optimizing our internal capacity to create wealth.  The experience and quality of our partners in our transactions are as important as the capital they provide.

Any and all business transacted with us provides a portion of our profits  to non-profit kingdom work.

The integrity of the upright guides them – Proverbs 11:3a